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5 Fun American Traditions to jazz up your Halloween !!

After a long month of Indian festivals and celebrations, end of the October brings us to Halloween. According to the Celtics, an ancient tribe, the festival was celebrated to mark the beginning of winter; they called it Samhain or Saman which roughly translates to 'beginning'.

In India, Halloween is limited to parties only, but we have put together a list of 5 traditions you can try this Halloween that can help you celebrate Halloween in a truly American way. If you’re not a party person, but want to have a taste this festival, here's what you need to do

Samhain Bonfire

Want to enjoy family or friends time? this Samhain bonfire tradition is the best way this Halloween. You can gather your friends, dress spooky, play some jazz and enjoy the dinner with a bonfire. You can play various small games around a bonfire and enjoy.

It signifies the lightning of evil spirits and burning of all the negative energy on the day of the Halloween.

Apple Bobbing

The practice is very popular among the American, but in India, we hardly get to see this. Bobbing for apples is a fun game in which you throw some apples in a big bucket, along with water, and put your head into the water. You have to bite the apple to get it out. The history behing the game is that, it was initially played between couples and the couple who successfully manages to bite the apple out of the water has permission to marry.

Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkins are an important part of the Halloween tradition. Diwali lights up the whole of India, and Halloween does the same to the US. If you’re missing Diwali lights already, carve some pumpkins and light them up outside your house. It will look different and people will know that you’re a Halloween lover.

Horror movie night

Call your buddies, turn off the lights and watch a horror movie together. I bet you would enjoy screams and ghosts. This is a perfect way to spend the haunted night festival. You can have dinner together to make it more fun, play small games or maybe, bob the apples.

Halloween Pranks

Make the night really spooky for someone by pranking them. Halloween pranks are great fun. Plan something for your best friend and freak him/her the hell out. Record the moments to recall them in future everytime they start with "I am not scared of Horror movies...."

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