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Detour from the usual

By Richa Saxena

I am in a travelling job and so is my husband. The work-home-travel balance has really some imbalance in our lives, with 2 days of travel every week for me and every alternate month of the year; for my husband, cooking food ourselves is really not an option. Furthermore, when you have elderly parents staying with you, cooking is an ignored requisite. Ignored because parent’s love is unconditional and it doesn’t allow them to demand cooked meals from their daughter in law and Requisite because we as Daughters have some soft conscience which always makes us wants to take care of parents in terms of basic requirements such as food, clothing and certainly health. So my life has a similar conundrum of trying to manage home cooked food for my elderly in-laws, if not cooked by me then atleast ordered from outside - but obviously the usual range of options such as Burger, Pizzas, continental or chinese doesn’t work for them on a daily basis.

One fine day I came across an attractive pamphlet on the notice board of my office from a startup announcing “Home cooked food, Home delivered” and believe me you, there was no limit to my happiness. The reason behind the joy of knowing that someone out there is living your anxiety is unmatched. I immediately began imagining images of my kitchen necessities like chapatti roller, daily dining cutlery, gas burner and likewise with such captions against each other as if it’s your kitchen conversing  –

Chapati roller highlighting - “nothing beats home cooked”

Daily dining cutlery – “fresh menu everyday” along with an implied affirmation that “who doesn’t like change.”

So needless to say the internet has revolutionized our lives by making every requirement “App Based” and so was Dabbagul - made handy as an App based service provider While going through the contents, it was like as if they have mapped my mind and yes, what was next - my endeavor to insinuate my ominous worry.Gone are the days of “6 months later” or “2 years on”, its time of “next 5 minutes” with Dabbagul on my phone and subscription to Lunch and Dinner, appeased my  uneasiness by being embraced with elderly in laws who with all the coolness were munching on Dabbagul meals upon my reaching home. The Dabba was in all rightfulness a replica of any modern Dabba packed by our mother’s. We were served aarhar tadka daal (don’t confuse it with those exhibited in the Menu’s of fancy indianized/Desi Restaurants),all time favorite from the days of “bend it like Beckham” aloo gobhi , finely sliced fresh salad which was simply unsullied, and ofcourse small round thin chapatis that could be easily hand flawed exactly like homemade and rice that not just looked renewed but was replenish for our taste buds.

I started my Dabba subscription on one evening of september last year and as I write this in the evening of February, nothing really has changed much except the satisfaction of having a reliable delivery of home-cooked meals according to our preference of time and address every day of the month.  

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