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Famous Diwali sweets From 12 States you should try out this year

Diwali is the most awaited festival of our country, not only we celebrate it by lighting our homes, but also preparing delicious Diwali meals which are unique for every household. Diwali brings lots of gifts and sweets. The festival is not complete without enjoying your favorite sweets till your stomach is full. Being a diversified country, every state has its unique set of sweets that reside under the residents. Let's have a look on them so that you can enjoy them this festive weekend.Add paragraph text here.


The Kashmiris love dry fruits, and their sweets revolve around this fact. The famous Shufta is what Diwali celebrations are consist of in the state. it is made by mixing sugar syrup with dry fruits.Add paragraph text here.


Coconut Ladoo is what Assam craves on the day of Diwali. They are made simply by mixing coconut with oil, sugar and dry fruits.

himachal pradesh

The city of valleys and mountains have a simple sweet dish, which is also made when someone is getting married. The dish is named Babroo, which is made by mixing dough with raw brown sugar. The dish holds a special place in the residents, and even nearby states like Punjab and Haryana love it.


Punjab is the most joyful state of the country, and god! do they know how to celebrate a festival. The famous sweet on the occasion of Diwali is famous "Gajar ka Halwa". It is made in pudding style with grated carrots, sugar, Khoa and dry fruits. Another famous sweet around this time is Panjiri, which is made during the starting of winters, as it has the hot effect on the body.


The state has a great love for Ladoos, and Diwali sweet boxes consist of Besan and Ravva ladoos. Besan Ladoo is made of gram flour, whereas, Ravva from semolina, both prepared by ghee and sugar. Gujiya is another sweet that's famous, made from sweet coconut filling inside half moon shaped wrapping. Now you know why all these Maharashtrians are sweet in nature.

West Bengal

Do we really need to tell what Bengalis crave every Diwali? Yeah! it is the famous Rasgulla. They are made by dipping cottage cheese balls in thick sugar syrup. Not only West Bengal but the whole country loves this sweet. Sandesh is also one of the famous sweets there. Both the dishes have the same main ingredient.

Uttar Pradesh

The list of sweets is as big as the state itself. But the famous among them is Gulab Jamun, which equally is loved by the country. They are fried condensed milk balls, soaked in sugar syrup. And how can we forget Jalebi? People love this Arab originated sweet, and it is famous in Punjab also. Another sweet is Pedas, also made from condensed milk, they're little flat round pieces, perfect for the festival


We all know that Gujaratis are proud of their food culture, why won't be they? They have sweets that can water any mouth from any part of the country. Shrikhand and Basundi is what I am talking about. shrikhand is made from yogurt with saffron and dry fruits. Basundi is thick condensed milk with dry fruits. Both the sweets are made from milk, and Diwali special.

Tamil Nadu

The love for coconut is reflected from the sweets of this state. The famous coconut barfi is made from coconut mixed with condensed milk. another dish is payasam, which is made from rice pudding, along with the thick cream. The beauty of these sweets lies within the simplicity, yet deliciousness.


The state is well known for the flavour this land holds, from spices to distinct food culture. The Diwali is celebrated here by eating Anjeer, Mawa Mishri, Ghevar and famous milk cake. All the sweets are distinctly good in taste and represent the varieties this states has to offer.


Bihar always has something delicious to offer, be it any recipe. The delicious Khaja is crowned as the Diwali dish from the state. It is made from flavored dough, soaked in thick sugar syrup. Not only this, the forever loved Kaju barfi is what makes their Diwali complete.


Like Punjab, the state is a big fan of ladoos, jalebi, and barfi. you can witness everyone gifting and receiving these sweets, and guess what, they always ask for more no matter how much they eat them. Gond ke ladoo and pinni is the traditional sweets, which is majorly made in every household, rather than picking up from a sweet shop.

We hope you have a joyful Diwali with these sweets from across the country with your family and admire the Indian diversity.

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