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Get any drink at Starbucks in flat ₹100 this Saturday

Starbucks lovers rejoice because the famous coffee-house chain is offering every tall size beverage on their menu at, hold your breath, for just ₹100. Yes you read that right! However, the offer stands only for Saturday (28 Oct) as Starbucks celebrates completion of 5 years in India. They are also opening their 100th store soon in Mumbai, the very same city they started with. Time to order that (overpriced?) drink you’ve always wanted to try out.

Going forward, Starbucks is thinking of serious expansion in the country, with three stores coming next year in Kolkata. The data shows that they have doubled the numbeer of stores in last decade worldwide and they plan to continue their strong trajectory.

So, Starbucks lovers, keep them notes handy and rush to nearest Starbucks store on Saturday morning. We’ll see you in the queue outside!

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