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So what if I don’t cook!!

Stuffed with the guilt of fast-food dread and an epidemic of obesity, I could feel the scent of bay leaves, roasted cumin seeds, thick tomato curry and the sight of my the dabba mom prepared for schoolin my sweetest dream. Back in those early days, I'd eat hot Rice n flawless Phulkas, with her special yellow Dal and complementary Matar Paneer. Once again, I understood that my dad is a chef and my mom cooks, and the responsibility for feeding us daily with something that is nutritional (yet yummy!) falls to the latter.

My life now is not the same anymore. Ever-longer work weeks and the increasing necessity of a dual income saw the death of home cooking! In my cafeteria, I’d secretly stare at the tiffin boxes of colleagues around me to find something that I relished in my childhood. I so..wanted to eat and finish all of them!

I am crazy about Indian home cooked food. Half of my life I’ve spent searching for good Indian food that suits my taste buds. And, the rest half could go fighting with my better half when I come out of kitchen doing the work that I really don’t enjoy. Frankly, I am not a girl who would want to spend her time in chopping, slicing, dicing, stirring (not to forget – cleaning) only to end up with an average meal. Because time is the most expensive thing in the world, I wasn’t ready to spend it on cooking chores. All I wanted was healthier, cleaner and safer food rather than dining out daily. In fact this may sound like the story of every working couple in the town.

Life is much more beautiful when you come home and spend time with your family – just doing nothing. I can, with DabbaGul - my new friend in town and my life saver!

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