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About Homescapes Game

homescapes cheats hackHomescapes is a casual mobile game that was released in mid-2017. The game revolves around a butler that travelled back to his home town to breath life back into his community. To achieve his goal, Butler Austin must receive help and support from his neighbors. Once you step into his abandoned mansion, lots of adventures awaits you. For off, all the rooms in the mansion need a new face lift. That means that the butler must work round the clock the renovate and paint all the rooms within the Mansion. As you will agree, giving all the rooms within the mansion a new look is not an easy task.

Homescapes Amazing Features

So, what makes homescapes so cool and exciting to play? The answer to the question is embedded in the cool homescapes game features. In the following paragraphs, we will highlight some of the essential features that makes homescapes worth playing.

Active Role in House Renovation: in the game, you can work with Austin the butler to renovate each of the rooms. In renovating the rooms, you must match different pieces together to give the house a new face lift.

Interior Decoration: Aside from giving the house a new face lift, you also decide which future stays where. Also, you decide which room receives which color.

Exciting Match-3 Levels: combination of boosters and explosives makes homescapes mobile game exciting and addictive.

Massive Mansion: You get to explore the mansion and discover all the secrets that it holds.

Cool Characters: in the game, there are lots amazing and cool characters to choose from.

Lovely pet in interact with: this one is all pet lovers out there. In the game, there a naughty cat that you can’t get tired playing with. So, watch out for the fluffy cat.

Compatible Platforms for Homescapes

Every game has its unique operating system. It is on the OS that the game can be deployed without any hitches or hassles. The game does not support any operating system. As at the time of publication, homescapes supports only Android and iOS platforms. However, the list may get expanded to accommodate other platforms. But for now, those are the only two platforms that works flawlessly with homescapes.

Homescapes Cheat and Hack for Free Coins

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Homescapes Cheats and Hacks for Free Coins: Getting Started

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Homescapes Hack and Cheats Features

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